Bahrain’s ila Bank collaborates with RHF to enable customers to donate funds

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
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    Bahrain’s fast-growing digital mobile-only bank ila Bank, powered by Bank ABC, has acknowledged of an alliance with the Royal Humanitarian Foundation (RHF) to allow customers to donate funds directly to the Foundation’s various initiatives by its newly launched ‘Donate to Charity’ in-app feature.

    The ila customers will now be capable to donate directly to charitable causes backed by RHF, including orphan care, educational care, purchase of medical equipment, cancer patient treatment among others.

    This tie-up with ila will go a long way in improving individual contributions to the Foundation’s initiatives and advancing relief for those most in need. It also assures that users have access to support RHF’s future ambitions. It covers all existing and future initiatives.

    “This agreement captures the essence of the ila brand which is about positive transformation, propelling individuals to reach the turning point in their lives and achieve their aspirations.”
    Mohamed Al Maraj, 
    CEO – ila Bank

    The ‘Donate to Charity’ app was introduced as part of the bank’s endeavor to continuously deploy seamless, smart banking solutions that simplify financial transactions and fulfill customer needs.

    “By enabling our community to contribute to RHF’s existing and future initiatives, we hope to create a promising future for those in need and drive long-lasting positive change in Bahrain,” Mr. Maraj added