Business Units in Dubai to resume operations from May 27; Curfew between 11 PM – 6 AM

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
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    Dubai has published directives to reopen business activities starting from 27 May 2020. Business activities will resume in the emirate from 6 AM to 11 PM and there will be no limitations on movement during the period.

    The decision was made following a thorough evaluation of the Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management reports, various health and socio-economic aspects and a comprehensive review of the COVID-19 situation.

    Key Pointers

    • Dubai airport will open for people who want to return to the UAE and for transit.
    • Residents can move freely between 6 AM to 11 PM.
    • Dubai retail stores and wholesale outlets will reopen.
    • Gyms and fitness centers will open with social distancing and constant sterilization.
    • Cinemas will reopen with social distancing and sterilization at all times.
    • ENT Clinics, children’s health centers will reopen. Surgeries that go up to two and a half hours are allowed.
    • Entertainment facilities and recreational venues like the Dubai Ice Rink and Dolphinarium will reopen.
    • All government centers like Amer and Tasheel will reopen.
    • Auction houses that cannot hold online auctions will reopen.

    Common Rules to be followed

    • All businesses authorized to operate should abide by new sterilization timings.
    • Everyone should wear a mask at all times.
    • Everyone should always maintain a two-meter social distance.
    • All passengers arriving in the country should adhere to a 14-day quarantine.
    • Children under 12, people over 60 and those with chronic diseases are not allowed to enter shopping centres, cinemas, gyms and educational institutions.
    • Sterilization must continuously be carried out and only single-use utensils will be allowed.
    • Violators of rules and guidelines will be fined, according to the type of violation.
    Sheikh Hamdan 
    Crown Prince of Dubai

    “We are aware of the pressures many sectors are facing because of the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic. The UAE society has high levels of resilience to any crises and challenges. We have been following the severe impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on countries around the world. What makes us different is our ability to deal positively with changes and our agility. We have all the elements necessary to adapt to these challenging circumstances. I am confident that all members of the society will come together to overcome this crisis as soon as possible.”

    The latest release comes as the Government of Dubai maintains its efforts to ensure the highest level of safety for members of the community with the support of various entities. Its key recent measures have involved increased sterilization at various areas and facilities and increased COVID-19 tests in densely populated areas to aid early detection of cases and isolation of people testing positive.

    Dubai has deployed state-of-the-art equipment to help medical staff in managing widespread tests. These have included tests for critical segments like people of determination and the elderly. The emirate has also improved the monitoring of various entities to ensure compliance with precautionary measures and commanded fines on individuals and entities violating guidelines. Additionally, the Government of Dubai launched urgent economic measures to support sectors most affected by the pandemic including an AED1.5 billion economic stimulus package introduced in March to ease the crisis’s financial impact on small and medium enterprises.