Dubai Healthcare City offers reduced fees & rent waivers

By Backend Office, Desk Reporter
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    Occupants at Dubai Healthcare City will now be offered “conditional” rent waivers for up to three months, as well as delayed rental payments for a specified period.

    Tenants will also gain from reduced fees and waivers for certain services provided by the Authority.

    “Dubai Government directives to support investors and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we are making concerted efforts to support business continuity and stimulate economic recovery and growth,” – Jamal Abdulsalam, CEO, DHCA.

    “These segments are facing revenue losses and need a respite from operational expenses. We looked at ways to help these segments better manage their operating costs by introducing waivers and reduced fees.”

    Support offered in 3 Ways

    Dubai Healthcare City has arranged its relief proposals into three comprehensive categories:

    1. Waivers and discounts for directly-impacted segments
    2. Additional benefits for businesses operating in DHCA-owned properties; and
    3. Waivers and discounts.

    The waivers and discounts will also to regulatory fees for hospitals, clinics, education providers, research institutions, retail stores, hotels, F&B outlets, consultancies, and support services.

    Businesses located in DHCA properties will benefit from provisional rental waivers for three months, deferred rental payments for a stipulated period, and reduced fees and waivers for certain services.



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